Cryptocurrencies’ Market Cap Hits Record $200 Bln As Bitcoin Soars

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Ethereum 2.0 Confusion, BTC Hash Drop, Bitcoin Going Viral, Ethereum Like Facebook & Fixed Rates25 Jan 2018.

confer various rights in return, most often, for cryptocurrency.

Market Cap Hits Record $200 Billion as Bitcoin Soars, REUTERS (Nov. 3,

16 Nov 2017.

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Cryptocurrencies' market cap hits record $200 billion as bitcoin soars,

17 Jul 2019.

Bitcoin investors are paying more per coin than at any time in history – despite.

Bitcoin 'Realized Market Cap' Hits Record High Despite Flash Crash.

gives a fairer representation for cryptocurrencies than traditional market cap,

the realized cap figure is higher than it has ever been – at $93.45 billion.