Service Lets You Certify A Document Using The Bitcoin Blockchain

Blockchain Fundamentals Certificate PackThe Central Bank of Russia is intending to use a local, FSB-approved blockchain for its upcoming e-mortgage project.

Our Blockchain Notary service allows you to be assured your files have not been.

your files and prove that you created and own your documents using DeepVault.

Register your code within the DeepOnion blockchain so that you can prove.

has been provisioned by the bitcoin designers group keeping in mind the end.

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In a world that is getting increasingly digital, the importance of self-sovereign identities cannot be understated. Present.

Decentralized timestamping on the blockchain[edit]. With the advent of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, it has become possible to get some level of secure timestamp.

The Lirax Blockchain Platform is specialized in Certification and Traceability.

With our hybrid technology, you can easily timestamp documents, trace the best supply.

NO need for every user to buy cryptocurrencies, activate wallets on.

the near future, and on the other hand let you start to trace, and provide value, to the.

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10 Nov 2016.

Ever wondered how can you notarize a document without all the.

This allows us to certify any kind of document or text in a cryptographically proven way.

The cost of the service is 0.005 BTC per file, which is ~$3.5 as of the.